“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

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“To achieve positive results and to support leaders to be excellent.”

My Approach

Identify Problems

I start where you are and take you on your own unique journey based on the real problems your organisation is facing. I guide and support you to unblock performance bottlenecks helping you to identify hidden obstacles that are preventing you and your organisation from achieving your desired results.


We begin with the results you desire and work backwards to form a plan for achieving them.

I use a combination of coaching and consulting techniques including systems thinking, which places you and your colleagues at the centre of the solution to draw out the results from within. This approach delivers better outcomes, more effectively, efficiently, and in the right way.


My inclusive approach working with senior leaders and their teams and colleagues at every level and across the whole organisation, means that everyone who’s invited to participate will benefit by having exposure to new tools and approaches they can use way beyond the work we do.

Critical Friend

I work with you as your critical friend to constructively and sensitively challenge unhelpful thinking, behaviours and culture without judgement. I draw on my extensive experience in performance management from a range of sectors and organisations, to offer valuable insights.


We will work together for approximately 6 months, depending on the needs of your organisation. Our initial consultation will allow us to explore how we can work together to achieve your results.

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What You Get From My Service

  • Clarity

Clarity on the results you desire and require and assuredness of why they are the right results for your organisation.

  • Deep Understanding

Deep understanding of the potential challenges to attaining those results.

  • Transparency

Transparency of your blind spots and other
hidden blocks to success.

  • Staff Engagement

Increased buy-in and commitment of staff
through a series of engagement activities
to fully understand the problems and to
contribute to defining the solutions.

  • Professional Development

Increased levels of self-awareness and
ongoing professional development for all
colleagues engaged in the programme.

  • Practical Tools

A suite of practical tools which you can use time and again for future challenges

  • Costs & Benefits

Summary of the costs and benefits of the
proposed solution.

  • Assessment of Risks

Assessment of the risks and any possible
weaknesses which may impede
achievement of the results.

  • Guidance

My guidance and support to ensure you get
the results.

Why Work with Me?

  • Clients who work with me are willing to engage with a different approach.

  • My inclusive approach means that everyone who participates will benefit.

  • I only work with a small number of clients to offer you the best service.

  • Committing to my services is directly linked to achieving your results.

  • I start where you are and take you on your own unique journey.

  • My skills and experience are gained from my many years operating in performance related roles.

  • I use a combination of coaching and consulting techniques to unlock the results you seek.

  • My approach means you know exactly what you are getting and my fees won’t spiral.

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