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Integrity Performance is a unique performance management consulting business. Integrity Performance works with senior leaders and executive decision-makers to identify and address the root cause of persistent and complex problems. Its sole purpose is to guide organisations to achieving their required results.

Integrity Performance draws on years of experience working with a range of companies across a range of sectors and countries. Working in a collaborative and inclusive way, Integrity Performance will design a programme of support tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Integrity Performance prides itself on operating in a values-driven way to get the best outcomes.

If you are currently facing some complex challenges in your organisation and would like to know more about how I may be able to support you, please get in touch.

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High Levels of

Is your organisation experiencing high levels of grievances, absenteeism, or turnover?

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Are you currently operating with an unsustainable financial deficit?

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Reputational Damage

Has the reputation of your organisation been compromised by a recent event?

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Performance management coaching and consultancy

Integrity Performance is a unique coaching and consultancy business based in Hove, East Sussex. Integrity Performance works with senior management and wider teams to identify and resolve complex organisational problems.

Improving your organisation’s performance

Integrity Performance specialises in working with organisations with a wide range of strategic and operational challenges which inhibit overall performance. Problems might include lack of a cohesive strategy to achieve an organisational goal, ineffective risk and assurance processes and systems or lack of clarity around business priorities and challenges with the required resources to deliver.

A coaching approach to consultancy

With over 15 years in senior leadership and management positions with responsibility for improving performance, Integrity Performance will work with a range of colleagues from across the organisation including leadership teams. Using a combination of coaching questions and techniques to identify the root causes of problems, solutions are drawn out from within teams. This yields a better understanding of the problem and ultimately, leads to optimal outcomes which are sustainable.

To understand more about performance management, you can read my post: “Let’s talk about performance”. For more information on my services, please get in contact:

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“I really felt I was floundering Vicki and I can feel the resistance to resolve the issues and the simple fact we are under resourced for what we are doing. But your questioning and honing in and returning me to what I wanted in a year led me to a way to tackle this.  Not to start with the problems now but to start with where I want to be.”

Client - Director, Charity (May 2022)

“I have gained new tools and strategies that have helped move my work forward and I feel so much better equipped for my future role.  I have taken the learnings and shared within my own team and so others have also benefited from what I have learnt and colleagues have noticed an improvement in me as their line manager since starting the coaching.”

Client - Service Manager (March, 2022)

“Your approach in the business coaching has had a lot to do with having confidence in my abilities because I came in thinking how do I do this how do I run and develop this business but you encouraged me to first look to myself not the business. This in turn helped me be curious and look at ok I am capable so what is it in me that keeps me stuck. Now I know and can do something about that in terms of the business and my own wellbeing together….now I can progress and creatively.   Thanks for this Vicki.”

Client - Founder, Charity (May 2022)

“Victoria delivered an excellent coaching session, which allowed the client to think through some complex work related situations which delivered real value.”

ILM Supervisor (June 2022)

“Victoria is very straightforward, clear, doesn’t talk in management speak. She gets the job done, is a clear leader whilst showing emotional intelligence to understand how decisions impact on wider staff team.  We need more Victoria’s!”

Head of Funding - The National Lottery Community Fund (March 2022)

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